Entering 4th - 5th Graders: Summer Reading Skills

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Classic Children's Novels and Video Companion DVDs

In this program, your son or daughter will read and discuss two classic children's novels. While reading at home, your child will also work with the Video Companion DVD that accompanies each book. These enjoyable instructional DVDs help students build comprehension and explore the meaning of each book. Your child will enjoy lively discussions about each chapter by book club members, and reflect on his or her own experience of the story and characters through an interactive feature. The experience of reading these wonderful books will open the door to a lifelong love of reading.

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Program Guide and
Reading Development Booklist

The Program Guide contains comprehensive information about classroom activities, homework, and parent involvement. It also includes the Reading Development Booklist, which will guide you in choosing excellent books for your child throughout the upcoming year.

Long-Word Decoding for Fourth
and Fifth Graders

This workbook teaches students to recognize prefixes, suffixes, and syllables, and it teaches a four-step process for reading long words. Using this workbook will boost your child's confidence, and it's also a lot of fun–students love the enjoyable exercises and word puzzles.

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